Mount de Sales freshman Partain’s hard work paying off with strong season

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Watching the Mount de Sales softball team, it’s hard not to notice the Cavaliers’ pitcher, sifting dirt through the fingers on her right hand and brushing it on her side.

She is focused and determined. Nervous but not overwhelmed. She has worked hard to be standing in that circle, and she knows she belongs. That is the first impression of Jordyn Partain.

Head coach Katherine Smith has five freshmen in the lineup. With all that inexperience, it’s great to have a poised pitcher like Partain to help keep it together. It’s even more impressive that she is one of those freshmen.

“Honestly I love it, and I love being good at it (softball),” Partain said. “All the hard work, it takes just really helps me out in life.”

Her confidence is reflected in the number she wears. Asked why she dons the No. 99, her answer is simple but speaks volumes about her determination.

“I picked it because it was the highest you could go and nobody can be better than it,” she said with a smile.

Partain’s statistics speak volumes. She sports a 0.82 ERA in 34 innings pitched. She only has allowed 11 hits and four earned runs in her eight appearances this season. She also has recorded 64 strikeouts.

The right-hander has been equally impressive at the plate. She’s batting .643 with four home runs and 18 RBI. Those are incredible numbers for a player who has yet to turn 15. That fact isn’t lost on her father, Lance Partain, who has coached her throughout the years and has watched her growth.

“She’s a perfect example of what working hard does,” Partain said, “because when she first started playing, I never imagined her being an athlete. It would have been easy for her to give up or for a coach to give up on her.”

Unlike many of her contemporaries, Jordyn Partain did not come up through T-ball. Instead she only became involved with softball after watching her younger sibling play baseball.

“I guess I fell in love with it (softball) when my brother started playing (baseball) and I saw how much fun it was,” Partain said.

The Cavaliers took on GHSA Region 7-1A rival and state power Tattnall Square on Tuesday

“I just kept thinking, I need to do this for my team. My team needs this,” Partain said. “We haven’t beat Tattnall in a long time.”

But Mount de Sales did beat Tattnall on Tuesday, celebrating a 2-1 victory and gaining another leg up in the region race. Partain pitched all nine innings, gave up one run, struck out eight batters and went 2-for-3 with a walk and the team’s only RBI.

“She was everything that I knew she would turn into (Tuesday),” Tattnall Square head coach Joey Hiller said. “She took her team on her back, pitched great and hit great. She’s a fantastic softball player.”

Partain is not shy about her softball beginnings which she called, “pretty bad,” but her love for the game and willingness to strive for excellence have fueled her success.

Those days of struggling seem to be in the past. Everyone is focused on what the future will hold for her. She received an invitation to join the Firecrackers/Sewell National 16U team and of course there are the dreams that this season still holds.

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