GHSA announces big changes in state track schedule

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High School Track: High Jump

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High School Track: High JumpThe state track and field meet will put boys and girls at the same sites for the first time in history, the GHSA announced Thursday.

The meets historically have been held in Jefferson (boys) and Albany (girls) in separate weeks. Starting this spring, they will be held at three sites, with Carrollton being added, over three days (May 11-13).

The move was necessitated partly by the addition of a seventh classification. The GHSA had as few as four classes in 1999-2000 and five as recently as 2011-12. Seven is too many for a single venue.

The new plan will make it more convenient for schools that qualify their boys and girls teams, especially those whose coaches oversee both girls and boys programs. They no longer have to attend two state meets.

The addition of the third venue reduces the number of each day’s session, meaning shorter days and less time out of school.

Here is the schedule:

Jefferson (Memorial Stadium) – 7A, 4A, 1A Private

Albany (Hugh Mills Stadium) – 3A, 2A, 1A Public

Carrollton (Grisham Stadium) – 6A, 5A

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