All-region teams: Cartersville’s Lawrence is player of the year in 5-AAAA

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(Daniel Varnado/Special to AJC)

(Daniel Varnado/Special to AJC)

Here is the all-region team for 5-AAAA, as voted by the league’s coaches:

Player of the year: QB Trevor Lawrence, Cartersville, Jr.

Offensive player of the year: QB Jadon Walker, Chapel Hill, Sr.

Defensive player of the year: DL Torrian Scrutchins, Cartersville, Sr.

Ironman Award (Two-way player of the year): LB/WR Avery Showell, Cartersville, Sr.

Special teams player of the year: PK Jonathan Cruz, Cartersville, Jr.

First-team offense

QB – Bryant Walker, Sandy Creek, Jr.

RB – Cam Russell, Troup, Sr.

RB – Jaelen Greene, Sandy Creek, Sr.

WR – Antoine Jefferson, Cartersville, Sr.

WR – Jamari Thrash, LaGrange, So.

WR – Javan Hawes, Sandy Creek, Sr.

WR – Kobe Hudson, Troup, Fr.

TE – Parker Mallett, Sandy Creek, Sr.

OL – Coy Tedescucci, LaGrange, Sr.

OL – Dalen Curtis, Cartersville, Sr.

OL – Jovante Williams, Cedartown, Sr.

OL – Nick Root, Cartersville, Jr.

OL – Savon Simmons, Sandy Creek, Sr.

First-team defense

DL – Brandon Wade, Cartersville, Sr.

DL – Colby Warrior, Sandy Creek, Sr.

DL – Darian Poellnitz, Cartersville, Jr.

DL – King Mwikuta, Troup, So.

LB – Kevin Martin, Troup, So.

LB – Sean Holton, Cartersville, Sr.

LB – TJ Peavy, Sandy Creek, Jr.

LB – Trevor Lowe, Cartersville, Sr.

DB – Mychael Jenkins, Sandy Creek, Sr.

DB – Trase Fezzia, Cartersville, Sr.

DB – Trey Creamer, Cartersville, Sr.

DB – Xavier Coaxum, Cartersville, Sr.

First-team specialists

P – Marat Rosencrants, LaGrange, Sr.

PK – Carson Wreyford, Troup, Jr.

RET – Drezyn Parson, Sandy Creek, Sr.

Second-team offense

QB – Montez Crowe, Troup, Jr.

RB – Tony Mathis, Cedartown, So.

RB – Tyre Shelton, Chapel Hill, Jr.

WR – EJ Turner, Cartersville, Jr.

WR – J’Kobe Orr, Cartersville, Jr.

WR – Kaleb Slaughter, Cartersville, Sr.

WR – Ken Truitt, Troup, Sr.

TE – Andy Boykin, LaGrange, Fr.

TE – Kenley Bridwell, Troup, Jr.

OL – Bryce Wilkins, Cartersville, Jr.

OL – Keden Taylor, Central (Carrollton), Jr.

OL – Keshawn Cameron, Troup, So.

OL – Sam Barczak, Sandy Creek, Jr.

OL – Seth Adams, Troup, Jr.

Second-team defense

DL – Cruz Rodriguez, Cedartown, Jr.

DL – Jermaine Anderson, Chapel Hill, Jr.

DL – Jonathan Olajubutu, LaGrange, Sr.

DL – Nate Brown, Sandy Creek, Sr.

LB – Dylan Galm, Chapel Hill, Sr.

LB – Jacoris Willis, Troup, So.

LB – Nyvin Nelson, Cartersville, Jr.

LB – Rick Dyer, Central (Carrollton), Sr.

DB – Cord Grissom, LaGrange, Sr.

DB – Datren Bray, Chapel Hill, Sr.

DB – Keshon Kent, Cedartown, Jr.

DB – Macenta Stafford, Troup, Jr.

Honorable mention: QB LaPerion Perry, LaGrange, Sr.; QB Trevon Wofford, Cedartown, Jr.; RB Amad Ogletree, LaGrange, Sr.; RB Marvin Hubbard, Sandy Creek, Sr.; WR Bo Russell, LaGrange, Jr.; WR Braxton Edge, Central (Carrollton), So.; WR Joseph Gibbons, Cedartown, Jr.; WR TJ Horton, Cartersville, Jr.; OL Alex Corrigan, Cartersville, Jr.; OL Cole Neely, Sandy Creek, Sr.; OL Demetrious Winters, Cartersville, Jr.; OL Mike Sims, Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill.; OL Nyquavous Diamond, Cedartown, Jr.; OL Tyrase Thornton, LaGrange, Jr.; DL Jarred Lane, Troup, Sr.; DL Lamarcus Brown, LaGrange, Sr.; DL Latarius Claxton, Chapel Hill, Sr.; DL Marqivous Slaughter, Central (Carrollton), Sr.; DL Nick Fulwider, Sandy Creek, Sr.; DL Taylor Hodge, Sandy Creek, Sr.; LB Dakota Mason, Cedartown, Jr.; LB Demetrius Worth, Sandy Creek, Sr.; LB Herbert Washington, Sandy Creek, Sr.; LB Nick Lyons, Troup, So.; DB Brian Branch, Sandy Creek, Fr.; DB Chanse Hill, Troup, Sr.; DB Herbert Washington, Sandy Creek, Sr.; DB Issac Appling, Sandy Creek, Sr.; DB Quan Neal, Cedartown, Sr.; DB Tajai Owens, Chapel Hill, Sr.; DB Xavier Vaughn, Central (Carrollton), Sr.

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