About DiVarsity


David Oblas and Brett Bias founded DiVarsity in 2000 with one mission:  to be THE authority on high school sports.

There had always been plenty of media coverage for “big” sports like football, basketball, and baseball.  So, DiVarsity’s initial focus was on underserved and emerging sports that had a large fan base and participation, but lacked attention from the media – such as soccer, lacrosse, and wrestling.  Since then, DiVarsity has continuously promoted high school sports through a number of activities, including:

  • Providing media coverage
  • Staging all-star games
  • Hosting award banquets
  • Recognizing and awarding:
    • Athletes of the year
    • Student-athletes of the year
    • Coaches of the year
  • Funding scholarships
  • Photographing sporting events
  • Organizing coaches associations

What People Are Saying About DiVarsity

  • “I have coached this game for two years, and it is a great experience for all players involved; a fun day!”
    - Kate, 2019

  • “I want to compliment you on a well organized event Sunday.”
    - Greg C., 2019

  • “Thanks for what you do for the kids to give some seniors one more game. I invited a college coach to come watch one of my players and he mde him an offer to play at the next level. Without this game, he would not likely have this opportunity.”
    - Mark H., Sprayberry

  • “You guys do a great job with those games.”
    - John D., Sumter

  • “I appreciate you and the job you are doing for the great sport.”
    - John D., Sumter

  • “I just wanted to reach and say thank you for allowing me to coach the All-star team again this year. I had a blast! You put this together very well and the program runs smoothly. Hopefully I can be part of the program again in the future.”
    - Mark H., Sprayberry

  • “Y’all do a heckuva job.”
    - Josh S., Lambert


Brett Bias


David Oblas